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Instead of casting a spell on an elf, you go up levels by doing things like discussing KPI, RFP in a meeting or with a frenemy in the elevator.It wasn’t originally intended as a game, but as a critique. But frankly, BLARPing is far more ridiculous,” says the website’s about section.The group has become a window into the world of surviving the workplace.

While they have created a business world in miniature, it is less role-play than the name suggests, and more just plain satire.He had been spending about three hours a day posting and moderating the site, but it got too much for him, so he passed it off to David Worboys, a bartender who plays in hardcore bands, and one of the first members.“I remember sitting in my car after work accepting over 100 people at a time,” says Worboys, “I ended up turning off notifications on my phone because it was constantly vibrating.The group was founded by an Australian teenager, Thomas Oscar, on a whim last August.He and his friend Jarra Vlasto were wasting time online, competing to see who could join the most “wack” Facebook groups. “The idea literally just happened, I didn’t think it over for more than one minute before creating the group,” says Oscar.