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I undid his pants and pushed his underwear down a little and then I could see the whole dick and I loved the size of it, just standing at attention like it was performing for me.

He then asked me to suck it- actually he told me to suck it, which was something I like in a guy- just tell me don’t ask.

He moved his hand lower and drove his finger all the way in me.

He asked me if there was someplace to "park" I told him to go past my house and there was a research company building with a parking lot.I couldn’t help but start to moan and could feel myself getting very wet.He kept up his attack on my pussy till I was about to cum, I think he could tell from my breathing or something and pulled his fingers out of me.I wanted to do more with him but the week before we were going to go ‘all the way" this girl at school had gotten pregnant and I was terrified by the idea. I pulled my shirt down and he turned off the light.Anyway we left the movies, he got picked up and I headed out of town with my thumb in the air. He said , well my turn off is right here, I guess that got you a couple of more miles. He then said – "you know if you pulled your pants down I it would help me take you a little further".