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In just a few clicks, George said, he is able to sign out of the app.So how true is it that creepy guys lurk around on We Chat every day, on the hunt for unsuspecting female users?While these features are built in to encourage more user activity, as well as to boost the social aspects of the app, many see them as new avenues to look for extramarital affairs and intercourse.Asia One did a story on this a while back, where they spoke to We Chat user George (an alias), 39, who claimed to have used We Chat to hook up with over 20 ladies in six months.We Chat poised to become China’s official electronic ID system Trials of the electronic ID project, which was co-developed by the research institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Tencent’s We Chat team, will be implemented across Guangdong and the entire country from this month.Those verified for electronic ID cards will be able to use their We Chat ID to register in hotels and apply for government services without need to bring their physical ID cards.We Chat, the popular mobile messaging, social media and payments platform run by Tencent Holdings, is poised to become further entrenched in everyday life in China under a new programme that adapts it as a user’s electronic social security card.China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, backed by Hong Kong-listed Tencent, has started to roll out the project in 26 cities, including the southern coastal city of Shenzhen and Xi’an in the country’s northwest, according to a report on Friday by the state-run .

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There were also others who shared their sexual experiences with us.

To test this out for ourselves, we signed up for an account as a female on We Chat, and switched on the ‘Discover’ feature, allowing other users to contact us.

For purposes of the experiment, we limited contact to texting only, and no telephone calls or meet ups (for obvious reasons).

The We Chat-based electronic social security cards will enable users to provide their identification, status, payment records and other relevant information to official online inquiries about benefits and insurance coverage.

China’s social security system represents the most important public sector scheme for workers as it covers five insurance categories: pension, medical, unemployment, maternity and work-related injury.