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But there is a great number of other free applications that fall under IP telephony (internet protocol telephony; also known as Voice over IP or Vo IP).As with Skype, these programs can be used in order to communicate with other users via a video transmission.Weak privacy policies: critics often raise concern about the reduced security of the free version of Skype.In line with Skype’s privacy policy, the conversations are always encrypted with the AES-256 method (and text messages partly using the TLS protocol), nevertheless, according to the privacy guidelines of Skype the content of communications can be made available to certain authorities.When it comes to data protection, many video chat applications are just as controversial as Skype.

With the desktop version, it’s also possible to watch You Tube videos together.Read on to discover the strengths and weaknesses of 13 different video call applications, all of which can be used for free.oo Voo can do almost everything that Skype can do; in addition to video and IP telephony, people can also chat to other oo Voo users and share files as well as make calls to mobile and landline networks (for a fee).It’s also possible to set up video calls between up to 12 accounts.The use of ‘superclear’ technology ensures that the provider can offer picture and sound of an excellent quality.