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It is a very attractive destination to call home with outstanding quality of life, security and friendly business environment ratings.Helsinki is one of the design capitals of the world and the combination of city and nature clearly provides a creative outlet to its citizens.Latvia Lithuania Estonia Finland Denmark Sweden Norway Israel United States Japan Russia Switzerland Poland Germany Hungary Croatia France Italy Belgium Austria Czech Spain Slovakia Greece United Kingdom Mexico Netherlands Ireland Romania Argentina Canada Australia Turkey Bahamas Thailand Iran Throughout its history that has started during the Swedish rule, the city has survived a handful of notable events.Just like the many cities of the modern Baltic countries, Helsinki has been constantly passed around between Sweden and Russia.If you were thinking of joining an eagle tour this season, this may be the perfect weekend to do so.

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Yet, its historical and cultural legacy is as prominent as the other capitals.However, in terms of life standard and economic development, Helsinki, the capital of Finland is one of the undisputed leaders of the modern world.You can take a live view of this mysterious and old world online through the lens of our webcam, located in the most colorful place in Helsinki.Helsinki is also a foodie paradise with a slew of microbreweries, coffee roasters and other hip places for refreshment.It stands out with its buildings and turn-of-the-century cafes.