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Teens over here can learn a lot about the value given to elders that is laced through every drama I have seen from there.shin woo.................i idolized you for your kindness and pure love of go mi made me fallen in love.handsome jeremy.................cutest of the three,specially when you cried,you seem like a baby.

Right now I'm trying to teach myself Korean and practicing singing your songs.

So Ellie Goulding was spotted cosying up to Rita Ora’s DJ ex Calvin Harris and we’ve been left with one burning question on our lips – is she the new Taylor Swift?

Taylor is obviously known for her love of dating, ditching and then divulging all her exes’ dirty secrets in a string of hit records.

that's why im so dissapointed when kapamilya changed it's timeslot..

I just love watching Park Shin Hye's different facial expression and that just makes me so happy.