Romantic dating ideas for young couples

The audience will judge the presentation based upon sincerity, applause received, inflection, and motions used.

Each man takes a turn reading the selection to their wives and the audience votes for a winner.

Find a place where the paper can be posted for everyone to see.

Give a set amount of time and use a timer to monitor progress and stop the drawer’s turn.

Each team picks individuals to draw, with each person taking a turn, alternating between teams.

The person whose team it is picks a paper and draws the labeled thing.

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Give a prize if you wish to the person who gets the most couples right.

Icebreakers designed for couples help guests interact, get to know one another, and keep everyone entertained.

Use icebreakers at the beginning of a party or get-together for introductions and during the event whenever you need to add some additional fun.

Have the men sit in chairs blindfolded while the women stand behind them holding the string in front of their blindfolded mate with the chosen attached food.

The men must attempt to eat the entire item and the first couple to succeed wins.