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He owed me some time anyways, he works all the time and leaves me with them.“Sure, but where is the party?

My husband who is white has a nice cock but only about 8 inches and I was getting ready to have sex with 3 black young studs. I watched them walk up to a room, 215 was the number. Watching me suck on my bottom lip for some reason always ensured a good fucking. “You won’t mind if we call you a slut, since that is how you are acting, right bitch?

“I only have a couple hours before I should get home, would you like to see my tits Rick? Most of them other married women have to be talked into showing them.” He answered. Instantly I felt Rick’s hand pinch my dark nipples. He was rubbing my cunt through the material of my skirt. ”I shook my head, Steve’ fingers had found their way into my pussy. I then felt two cocks being rubbed on my ass cheeks.

Rick then said, “Let Tim get some he is going to burst just watching.”Steve pulled his massive meat from my mouth and I smiled up at him as he grinned at me. Both men were slamming into my pussy and mouth in unison.

I gagged a couple times but managed to take all of Tim’s cock.