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The genie contemplates her request and finally says: “What you are asking for is impossible.The division among the peoples of the world is too deep and has existed for too long. Anything but that.” The young lady thinks again and says: “Somewhere out there is the one person I was meant to be with.Dates don’t have to be — and in most cases shouldn’t be — expensive and over-planned affairs. One of my favorite things to do when I was young and looking for a date was to walk a young lady home after a Church meeting.When my wife and I moved from Germany to Salt Lake City, one of the things that most surprised us was the elaborate and sometimes stressful process young people had developed of asking for and accepting dates. Remember, your goal should not be to have a video of your date get a million views on You Tube.One of the things you need to learn is how to have a conversation with a member of the opposite sex.A great way to learn this is by being alone with someone — talking without a net, so to speak.

Brethren, the secret to finding the girl of your dreams is to get to know many of them and then, when you fall in love and it feels right, ask her to marry you. It’s all right if you turn down requests for dates or proposals for marriage. Don’t suppose that certain girls would never go out with you.

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, and I would never counsel you to marry someone you do not love.

Nevertheless — and here is another thing that is sometimes hard to accept — that magic sparkle needs continuous polishing.

But one of the things I’ve realized as I’ve matured in life is that if someone is willing to accept me — imperfect as I am — then I should be willing to be patient with others’ imperfections as well.

Since you won’t find perfection in your partner, and your partner won’t find it in you, your only chance at perfection is in creating perfection together.