Cost of updating an international flight to business class

God forbid someone needs to change their ticket in a hurry on this airline, they might as well go to the airport and take their chances there.

The only good thing in this experience was that the agent at Bangalore pointed out to me that with the fare change and change fees a economy ticket would cost the same as a Business class upgrade from Bangkok to Delhi.

The lounge is a long narrow rectangle shape which has a huge number of leather sofas with food counters placed in equal intervals across it’s length.

The buffet has a basic continental breakfast with some sausages, boiled eggs, toast and cereal.

The lounge also has a rear exit which leads directly to the Thai Royal Orchid Spa, where business and first class passengers can get a range of complimentary massages.

Unfortunately those on early morning flights like mine cannot avail this facility since the spa is not open early in the morning.

After waiting in line for 15 minutes, I finally reached the check in desk.

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The escalator at the lounge entrance takes you a floor down to the lounge reception.

This was creating chaos as all the passengers started lining up at the door.

Once boarding began, the agent at the jetway checked the boarding pass and passport for each passenger again which begs the question – what was the point of the first gate agent checking the same documents?

A little after I reached the gate, the agents announced boarding for business class and everyone lined up.

The gate agents were then continuing to announce all the other rows of boarding oblivious to the fact that their colleagues at the jetway had not started boarding anyone.

Cost of updating an international flight to business class