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About the same image as the request above: Please translate the 3rd balloon of the 1st panel.

I believe it says this, but mistakes can happen as I'm not always sure: とりあえずちょっとすっ下におうすか Thanks in advance.

Well, you were what I wanted, but I also discovered, that you were what I needed.

I'm sure now that I'll never find anyone just like you, so I'm staying here with you for the rest of my life.

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Tu es un peu fou et maladroit, et ton sourire même peut illuminer ma journée. —Stephen दोसालके लिए निशुल्क वाई-फाई बोटस्बुल्सबुस्किकबगिबी एएसपी। पोपफ्लूर और निकोलस वेडिंगगैपविन पम्पकिन फ्लीट ऑर्डर और नेफिलप वेल्पीपैड्स फॉलिंग आरिंगइग --Hector Buiscações (talk) , 27 November 2017 (UTC) Do you know why I get angry when I can't see you ... My guess: The way you've presented it is too much work. From the real tenues p t k are distinguished the tenues aspiratae ph th kh, from the plosive g [is distinguished] the corresponding voiced fricative γ, from the voiceless f s š [are distinguished] the voiced v z ž. p̄ t̄ k̄ mean that the syllable-border lies in the plosive. Do not break this chain Send to 20 friends including me English etymology section mentions ML. As for determining the best form, one could try to use google books or ML. I had some memory of the word in the back of my mind but I needed a refresher. ab āp merā nām kharāb kar sakte ha͠i, lekin bād mẽ āpkī khud kī pratiṣṭhā grast hogī. --.143 , 21 January 2018 (UTC) If I can turn back the time, I don't want to give my feeling to you, start conversation with you, beg you to accompany me watch match, take some photos with you, let you playin with my heart, and make me jealous when I see you with her that I fuckin know that she loves you. I can’t stand it anymore, I know we’re so far now but I always thought that we will be together someday. I find it pretty funny, don't know if it would offend other people. characters named Master Hand (マスターハンド) and Crazy Hand (クレイジーハンド), apparently that's why "クレイジー" is mentioned in the text. Agar aap bhut jada paresan hai to group chhod kyu nhi dete ho.

yah merī galtī thī, aur ma͠i apne sabhī bure kāryõ ke lie māphī cāhtā hū̃!

ma͠i bas āpko pūchnā cāhtā hū̃ ki kyā āpne galtī se merī posṭ dekhī. I don't understand: "she wants someone who has learnt to tame herself". In the latter case it would be "her" instead of "herself".

A minor correction, I would say "parce qu'il sait qu'elle est sienne" rather than "parce qu’il sait qu’elle est la sienne". —Stephen Ce caneton est assez peu mural, environ deux fois moins qu'un sphincter et cinq fois moins qu'un fusil.

--Aldo Syrt (talk) , 25 January 2018 (UTC) portugal is every beautiful counrty is my hool children dream counrty i would like to study there one think i like portugal is the way people dress. Une chose que j’aime au Portugal, c’est la façon dont les gens s’habillent. Cela me rend fier, et les gens sont si gentils et aimants. On a construit une girouette pour faire frire du totem quand il fait sec.