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All Hauppauge Win TV-HVR and Win TV-DCR tuners are compatible with Windows 10,8 and 8.1 In addition, the Colossus, USB-Live2 and all HD PVR, HD PVR 2 and HD PVR Rockets are Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 compatible. Free download for all Rocket, HD PVR 2, Colossus and HD PVR users!

Learn how to install Hauppauge TV tuners under Linux With a video tutorial for Ubuntu installation for the Win TV-HVR-955Q, Win TV-HVR-2255 and HVR-2205 and the Win TV-HVR-1955 and HVR-1975 Want to run your HD PVR 2 under Linux? Record console or PC game play in HD with game commentary and Facecam. Record and stream your video game play in HD, at home or anywhere you play! USB-Live2, the simple to use, easy to install video capture device.

HD PVR Rocket is small enough to fit in your pocket. Use USB-Live2 to convert your home video tapes into DVDs.

No excessive unwelcome private messaging - Ask first. No scrolling text, excessive audio emoticons or other disruptive activity. Do not drop web addresses or links in the chat room for commercial sites or products. If the chat room does not load, or if only a grey box is shown, you may download Java from the Sun Microsystems Java Plugin web site.

Java is the most powerful extension to web technology available today, and no browser is complete without it.