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I enjoy watching new bird owners achieve progresses in bird training and i am committed to help as many bird owners as possible.” “Dave Stange” has 8 years of experience with dealing with 9 bird species including budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels, rosellas, conures, caiques, ringnecks, amazons and macaws.

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Stange argues “I am a master of reading a bird’s body language and i am more than willing to help educate as many bird owners as i can on how they can understand their birds and read their bird’s body language to have a successful, healthy relationship between them and their birds.” We have 3 different packages to suit your convenience.

My family is so happy to now spend time with smoke and i cannot THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH.

I love you all and i recommend this to any struggling bird owner ❤ ❤My name is denis newton and i have a family of 6. I was always raised with small birds like budgies and lovebirds, and not having a bird as part of a family was odd so i decided to add a new family member which was a cockatoo i found on craiglist.

I applied all the tips and followed the videos with no luck at all.

I then decided to buy a bird training book from another bird trainer and that did not even work.