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We students of legenda college mantin batch of 2000/2001, which graduated on 2004 had applied PTPTN study loan through this college and got approved. So , we have extra money after deducting all the fees.

It came after the Duchess told the wife of the Sultan of Brunei: 'It's more tiring as you get older.'I keep trying to tell everybody that I'm not as young as I used to be, and have to slow down.' Meanwhile, Charles was almost mistaken for a Time Lord when he stepped out of a Tardis - but luckily there wasn't a Dalek in sight.N yet v could do nothing as we r just students…din know wat to do.. finally, early of this month, PTPTN called for a meeting, to settle this matter face to face with students, college’s ppl and PTPTN.when come to the graduate time, the college promised to refund the balance of few K to us within half year. We went through the meeting, and some of the students are from other states, purposely travel down to attend the meeting. I wondering wat to do.this counted as a corruption? ” click here to go to the original url at my to read the complete message and some comment from other students.The Prince walked into Doctor Who's famous time machine when he visited a co-working space for start-up companies in the city, but was only transported a few feet into a members-only area.The heir to the throne, who is on an 11-day tour of south-east Asia and India, met young entrepreneurs, tech savvy school children showcasing projects, and established businesses during his tour of WORQ.