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Among them, she said Courtney Cox should see her marriage "as a business deal," and that Sandra Bullock is afraid of commitment.

It's one of the great paradoxes of our time, in line with Bristol Palin's campaign for teen abstinence, genuine pleather and, gosh, is Jessica Simpson actually really smart? "American Idol" put her back on top, she got all her endorsement deals, and he probably said, "No, I want you to be with me, you got your year to be on 'American Idol.'" And she's like if I go right, and end up with the man, I end up with nothing. I don't know what the one thing was that changed her mind and made her walk out but I'm sure it's something very big. The millionaire men -- wealthy men -- never pick them. I could say the most gorgeous redhead in the world and they'll say no, they don't want it.

It's all in the way things were set up, filmed, and then edited, they say.[via press release from Lifetime] IT'S KILL OR BE KILLED IN SEASON TWO OF LIFETIME'S CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED DRAMA "MARY KILLS PEOPLE," PREMIERING MARCH 12 Mary Kills People Joins Lifetime's Monday Night Premium Scripted Block With Un REAL Season One Marathon Slated for March 11 on Lifetime Movies LOS ANGELES, CA (January 23, 2018) - Following a ground-breaking first season and named one of the most critically acclaimed shows of 2017, Lifetime's compelling and provocative drama series Mary Kills People about an ER doctor who serves as an angel of death helping people die with dignity, returns March 12, at 9pm ET/PT, joining Un REAL as part of Lifetime's premium scripted block.Un REAL debuts February 26 at 10pm, featuring a female suitress, while thriller Mary Kills People hits the air two weeks later.Jason Teich, whom the Post said was described on the show as "tough-talking, heavy drinking guy from Brooklyn," told the Post that producers fed him drinks, only for Stanger to yell at him on air, accusing him of being an alcoholic. Another man, David Vroubel, had a similar complaint."They backed a bus over me and then ran it over again," he complained to The Post.