Excel shared worksheet updating fw updating please do not power off

Also check out our welcome page to know how we can help you better. After 3 years of personal rants and chatter, I shifted the focus of site to Microsoft Excel, primarily to share new ideas and discuss about the problems I am working on.Soon, the site gathered momentum and today it is a massive part of my life.We get 1,150,000 monthly views with readers from all over the world. Chandoo is my nick name and I used it as my domain name too.

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If you like story and want to be part of our community, please join us thru one of below links. Please learn more about our policies or ask a question in our forums or get in touch with me.I quit my job in April 2010 and has been my only business ever since. If you are curious to know how I run my business, please visit Startup Desi to learn more. A: This happens when you use cell A1 to change the month. Cell A1 is to be used only to set the starting month of the calendar. For example, if you change the Work from Home leave code to X, you also need to change it in NR5. Are there any other areas where you think an Excel template could be helpful? For example, if you want the calendar to start from April, make cell A1 value 4.

Excel shared worksheet updating