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Listed below are the current departments of the Collective Black people Movement (CBPM). Currently the department Coordinators and Co-coordinators are being placed. A death, a life-threatening diagnosis, accident, layoff notice, or other traumatic change has painfully altered the course of our journey and requires a new way of looking at life.

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The CBPM is about strengthening, supporting, and promoting the wheel that turns our people via gathering, documenting, and organizing Black People. In return we must all be part of the collective force of our people in all areas of life that interest us.

Since there is no simple formula for determining when grief becomes complicated (that is, how severe is too severe; how long is too long; and how dysfunctional is too dysfunctional), when in doubt it is always wise to seek an assessment by a qualified mental health practitioner who is familiar with complications of grief and psychiatric disorders.

And in a sense, all grief is complicated, because any significant loss turns our entire life upside down, and we are faced with learning to live in a world forever changed.

Fit in where you want to be involved: This is a real life test...

Can we, Black People, compete in the Education Arena (Skills, Talents, & Intelligence) and come out on top as in Sports and Music?