Updating openoffice org

It demoralizes your own team more than they already are. Don’t get so used to winning that you forget how to lose well… If you follow me on Twitter (@jtcrespo), you’ll know that this weekend I was trying to piece together a way to create and edit stories that I write on-the-go from my i Phone.

It also tells the other team that you don’t respect yourself enough to even try to give them a challenge. Few of my best ideas come to me while I am sitting at my computer, so I wanted a completely mobile writing suite.

So if you’re looking to play with your documents and spreadsheets while on the go, this is the system that works for me… Blogging also gives me practice at something I’m not really good at, but love to do and I have recently committed to doing more of. I have a list of blog projects waiting to be released and hopefully we’ll share new adventures, great products and programs, and whatever else comes along. Jerry Posted in Uncategorized The other night I was sitting at a Gwinnett Braves game eating a giant hot dog covered in condiments and I thought to myself….

I’m lucky that I get to see some of the best leadership on this planet first hand and I’m very grateful for that because it has helped me grow in incredible ways.

It’s a pretty common fact that games and contests were not invented to create losing teams. Unfortunately, at some point all of us have to lose.

Fortunately, there is a way to do this and still feel like a winner. You may be in last place, but finishing is an accomplishment in itself.

Being the list oriented person I am, How could I resist? ) 83) Get on a TV show or commercial 84) Stay up all night talking to someone. I enjoy sitting down and getting to know the person I am with rather than just going to a movie or show and leaving.

It took me forever, but I have finally finished my list. (2/8) (Wolverine and Star Trek April, 09) 38) Visit 1 new state that I’ve never been in. 85) Organize a scavenger hunt 86) Create, shoot, and edit goofy videos for the blog. Because of this, I called Kristie and arranged for us to meet before “the date” to hang out so that we would be more comfortable on “the date”.