Gay muslim dating dating man not answering emotional questions

In some cases, he says that people have suffered "intense emotional, psychological, and spiritual trauma" as a result of familial pressure to marry the opposite sex.

However, the men believe that common assumptions about homosexuality in Islam have been misinterpreted.“It’s not homosexuality itself that’s a sin,” Adnan says.

Others imams, such as Ghulam Rasool of Leicester central mosque, said that Islam did not make a direct reference to homosexuality, but instead prohibited areas of sexual activity deemed impermissible, such as anal sex.

Khalil booked a corner table weeks in advance: he highly recommends the food, and says that these types of venues are much better for such meetings, because of the nature of their discussions.

"You don't really want to be talking about these things in a Muslim restaurant," he jokes.

He’s a university student who hopes to be married soon.

The men head to an Italian restaurant in central London.