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As an option for the proven semi-hermetic BITZER reciprocating compressors, the ECOLINE series with the IQ MODULE now provides even more enhanced functions relating to the compressor.Reliable and efficient to operate with very smooth running, ECOLINE stands for flexibility in terms of refrigerant selection and a wide range of applications.This remains at the discretion of our moderators, no matter the value or utility of the content in the original post.

Bullying and Harassment We DO NOT tolerate bullying or harassment.We also reserve the right to remove members who violate these guidelines when engaging in the Bunz universe.Should you believe a post violates our standards, please report them to an administrator.The IQ MODULE enables the use of a standardised switch board for MT and LT applications without any changes to the controls.Additional benefits of the ECOLINE series are Compressors in the ECOLINE series experience optimum protection through the monitoring of oil supply, motor and discharge gas temperature and application limits.