Updating a valentine 1

On board we have two sensors, front and back, allowing the V1 to give you a far more accurate location estimation.The on board laser detector is super sensitive, both a good and bad thing in my opinion.They have years of experience in this field, and they have honed the Valentine 1 to perfection.All that said there are a number of key areas that I feel the V1 is a little less impressive in, so let’s get down to the review.I say venerable as this build has remained physically unchanged for a number of years now, and honestly it is getting a little left behind.Let it not be said that the fine folks over at Valentine are flagging horrible, far from it, the software is more than a match for the highest end Escort, but the core features are lacking when it is compared to the Escort or the Cobra range.

If the unit cost plus upgrade cost exceed 0, you can pass on the deal, unless you don’t plan to upgrade or buying the unit for someone else as a gift and have them pay for the upgrade later on.The V1 is an entry level product, but in this market that just means it does everything you want a radar detector to do.It lacks bells and whistles, and for the right kind of consumer that can be a good thing. Here are both versions side by side, you can notice the difference in size, the older 1.7 is thicker than the newer 1.8, this is because the laser detection circuitry.This version lacked LIDAR sensors Beware of sellers trying to sell you a 1.7 (or older units with no laser) for over 0, this is an example of a bad deal, thus upgrading the unit later plus what you paid for it, will cost you more than buying a brand new unit.