Dating shyness anxiety

Excellent book for parents, teachers and adults working with socially challenged children.

This book offers step by step instructions designed to help children acquire the social skills they need to fit in with their peers.

The author, makes a distinction between the "unhappily" shy and the "successfully" shy, reviews the biology of shyness and follows shyness from birth through adulthood--exploring developmental issues and age appropriate challenges from playing with other children and going to school to dating and fitting who your are to your career.Short and concise, this book helps put shyness and social phobia in perspective.But it's greatest claim to fame, from my perspective anyway, is that it makes a distinction between "realistic thinking" (i.e., taking inventory of our thoughts and systematically evaluating their validity-- something shy people are very bad at) and the "power of positive thinking" promoted by many.Some help us identity and address the issues that are at the root of our shyness, while others focus on our self-talk and skills training.Some are quick reads--the kind of books you can pick up and read from cover to cover, while others are best read a few pages at a time, digested and then picked up again.