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946.583.583 or contact email of consultant who sent you Visa Approval Letter.

In case you are wondering about having other names on your Visa Approval Letter, kindly get the answer here.

Besides being experts in machine construction, at DATRON we are also experts in the dental field: Our in-house team of dental technicians and dental engineers exclusively focuses on that particular technology sector.

With many years of CAD/CAM expertise under our belt and a vast technical know-how of the dental industry, we have designed our DATRON D5 series to cater to the particular requirements of dental laboratories.

This way, our customers can apply the technologies of the future already today.

Along with Vietnam Visa Application Form, Photos & Arrival Letter are compulsory documents to get proper Vietnam Visa when being in Vietnam Airport.

Therefore; if you forget to bring photos or Arrival Letter before arriving Vietnam Airport, you may have to pay extra money (around 2 – 5 USD) for being taken photos by Immigration Officers & a lot of money to print out Arrival Letter right there.

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