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When it comes to ourselves, we've got nothing left. 'Cause if take your vitamins and pay your taxes and never cut the line, the universe still gives you people to love and then lets them slip through your fingers like water. Their son Kyle says they share a sandwich when he gets home from school. Jackson says the lungs are on their way from Portland. Meredith says the fertility drugs make her eyes dry and she needs to squint to see. Lucy is giving Callie an ultrasound and everything's looking good. Not really, since she doesn't work or do much errands. Allison doesn't know about after breakfast and her husband doesn't either, because doesn't get home until pretty late. Julia says if there's ever a day to take off work, it's when your boyfriend gets new lungs.Everyone figures doctors are the most responsible people they know. They arrive in the ER and Owen reveals the patient is his wife. Meredith says she'll have someone come up and take a look. She gets up and starts yelling that she's leaving and that no one can touch her son. Derek lets her celebrate by allowing her to do the burr holes. He also thought that she might find a little room for his vision of life. Also, Meredith needs to stop taking her fertility drugs. April says they'll make Kyle come and April will examine him herself. He then tells her to run away before he reconsiders. She tells him Julia is gone for real, but she doesn't know how to tell Ricky. She'd ask the very good neurosurgeon who happens to be studying neurological disorders like Alzheimer's, who happens to be a close friend. Owen says they married each other because they love each other and want to live their lives together. She finds it normal that he handled it like an adult, because he is one. They don't lose track of important details or make stunningly bad judgment calls. Richard doesn't understand why Owen came to get him for a VIP patient. She's so happy they'll never have to deal with babies. As long as his 33% is considered, that's all he can ask for. Meredith opens the envelope and she's delighted to see that Allison will receive the active agent. He thought that after everything that happened, she'd have a more nuanced vision. Meredith says it started out as fuzziness this morning, but the black spot didn't appear until she was looking at Allison's skull. Metzger will come to check on her after his surgery, but that can be a while. Julia wants Ricky to really try to find someone because she doesn't want him to be alone. April finds Stark and tells him that Allison is in Derek's trial, meaning she has to come back to the hospital regularly. She tells him everything's clear, but there's clearly something wrong. Bailey says that if it were her, she wouldn't ask the general surgeon.Regular appointments to monitor the condition will also be recommended.People with cystic fibrosis may need to take a number of different medicines to treat and prevent lung problems. Some of the main medicines for cystic fibrosis are: It's also important that people with cystic fibrosis are up to date with all routine vaccinations and have the flu jab each year once they're old enough.The Cystic Fibrosis Trust has information on lung transplants in cystic fibrosis.

Stark says families only get torn apart when the child's in danger. She tripped at the pharmacy due to her faulty shoes. Adele, whose wrist was still casted, fell again and hit her head. It's not some cute arrangement where you humor me and use me for babysitting when you want to see a movie. Teddy asks Julia to give her number to Lexie so they can call her if they have news. Bailey approaches Meredith and asks about Adele a few weeks ago. Allison also doesn't know about possible side effects from her meds. Ricky confirms he hasn't eaten, drunk or taken his CF meds. Julia and Ricky start crying and she walks out after a kiss. Meredith must choose between her fertility treatments and her eyesight when she begins having trouble seeing, Mark makes it clear to Callie and Arizona that he takes his role as father-to-be very seriously, and April discovers there's more to Dr. Derek is trying to go over the plans for their future bathroom with Meredith, but all she really cares about is having a tub deep enough to cover her knees and boobs at the same time. Alex says the dude's building a her a dream house and she doesn't give a crap. She asks Allison if there have been any changes to her memories in the last week. They went to see the doctor who diagnosed her with Alzheimer's, because she wanted to apologize. Meredith asks if there have been changes to her schedule. Teddy is happy to finally meet Ricky's girlfriend Julia. Mark gets paged away, but he tells Callie not to let Lucy shove a giant needle into her belly before they have discussed it. Meredith apologizes for all the paperwork that's part of the trial.

People with cystic fibrosis dating each other