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He is essentially living with my brother and me part-time this year, since he has to go back and forth between Atlanta and New Orleans for his fourth-year med school rotations.

Given his lack of income, the fact that he shares a room with me, and his part-time status, my brother and I agreed that we didn't need him to pitch in for rent or utilities, and that buying groceries would be an acceptable contribution.

Because of this, my parents offered to pay the difference in cost between a two- and three-bedroom apartment. is so funny that I don't want to get out of my car when I get to work.

My mom transferred the money to me in one lump sum earlier this year, so although I pay more monthly than my brother does, we will have effectively paid the same amount over the course of our lease. Student Loans: I don't have any student loans thanks to scholarships in undergrad and parents in grad school. I eventually do go into the office and make myself coffee from the free Starbucks coffee machine in the break room.

I'm able to get a little more sleep before my alarm goes off.12 p.m.

— I have a busy and productive morning at work, and one of my coworkers invites me to join a group going out to lunch.

When fiancé is here, he pays for all groceries for our household, including the Blue Apron meals.

I live in a three-bedroom apartment with my younger brother, who is an undergraduate student. I usually pack a lunch for work in the mornings, but my brother and I finished off the last of our leftovers last night, and we're running low on groceries.

Our sister (also an undergrad) comes in from Athens, GA, to visit almost every weekend, and my mom also comes to stay with us from Louisiana quite a bit. I am on a family membership to the Y with my brother and my fiancé. I plan to buy Subway for lunch; Subway texts me coupons every week, and more often than not, I end up using them.

He doesn't go often enough for it to be worth it, and I am perfectly content working out in our apartment building's fitness center.

Fiancé does really like going when he's here, though, so I suggest we discuss the matter when he gets to Atlanta later this week. a.m.