Evan rachel wood on dating marilyn manson

A rep for Wood, however, maintains the couple, which met when Manson was considering casting the actress to star in his upcoming movie, ? Von Teese issued the following statement: "Sadly, the reports of our marital difficulties are true.I ask for your consideration and understanding during this painful and private time." Sorry, Dita, but we make our living at this stuff. All you can do is hope for some Paris Hilton pussy sightings to deflect our attention.Evan does have a two-year old man at home and he’ll be her main man for some time to come anyway.Interestingly, however, Jamie and Evan are only listed as ‘separated’.2007 - November 2008Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson confirmed that they were seeing each other in 2007 following rumors that the two had engaged in an affair that may have strained Manson's relationship with Dita Von Teese, his wife at the time.

Pregnant Evan Rachel Wood is looking forward to the arrival of her baby with Jamie Bell, but having to deal with paparazzi is another story entirely.

After the break-up Evan moved on to dating Marilyn Manson.

She called the relationship happy and healthy and said she learned much from him, but in the end they weren’t right for each other. Whilst they even got engaged in 2010, the relationship fell apart soon after and this time for good.

Ever since she dated Marilyn Manson, people would certainly agree with the ‘weird’ part of her self-description, especially considering that she was 19 years old at the time and Manson was 36.

But before she dated Manson, she had already been with Jamie Bell.

Evan rachel wood on dating marilyn manson