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It is Rule of Funny: Coyote can't walk on thin air as a previewed part of a scheme. I've collected tons of funny jokes for your entertainment.Welcome to Jokes For, your source for high-quality, hand-picked free jokes and funny pictures.If you're looking for free funny jokes, humorous quotes, funny photos and more, you've come to the right place.California Drive Exam Calling the Jackass Car Acronyms Car Stereo Blasting Cartoon Physics Cat Person Signs Cat Translations Cheap Medical Plan Celebrity Viruses Certified Asshole Changing Oil Check For Alzheimers Children's Books Chicken Crossing Chilli Contest Christmas Function Christmas Humor Church Bloopers Classified Ads Classroom Dialogue CNN Drinking Game College Athletes Exam Colon Comments Colonoscopy Remarks Computer Problems Computer Lies Computers In Movies Computer Viruses Condom Promotion Condom Selection Confucius Says Consultant Rules Consulting Prostitute Cooking A Turkey Corporate Definitions Corporate Reality Corporate Structure Corporate Stupidity Courtroom Dialogue Cow Economy Crazy Laws Crossbred Dogs Cucumbers Vs Men Cybersex Chat Cynic's Guide to Life D Dating Reality Check Dating My Daughter Daffynitions Punography Angry Notes Funny Book Report Computer Jokes Army Jokes Male or Female Between Generations Paraprosdokians Aphorisms Political Jokes 3 Life Truths Booze Quotes Canada Eh!Unsuccessful Slogans Funny Letters Best Auto Replies Dealing With Women Dear Dogs and Cats Dear Mr.This Joke Starts With a Granddaughter Being Told Off When a granddaughter comes downstairs in a see-through blouse and without a bra on, grandma plots a fitting response for her not doing as she says...

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Hilarious: To Be Young and Frolicking In the Countryside...14 Funny Reasons Why English Is a Very Strange Language There are some pretty odd languages in the world, but surely nothing comes close to matching English's absurdities? Kids Left On Their Own Are Disasters Waiting to Happen...When toddlers or young children are left on their own, the likelihood is a disaster will ensue.This is the comedy equivalent of the Rule of Cool, and is accordingly weighted more in comedy shows.Especially easy to invoke in humor-based American animation and webcomics, where people expect the lack of realism in the art to translate to other areas. One of the characteristics of the rule of funny is that it can give some abilities to a character to the sole purpose of a gag, which means the character just CAN'T do that when it's not funny.