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GET /customer Get all Customers GET /customer/ Get a Customer by id GET /customer/ Get all Customers by last name.POST /customer Create a Customer with the POST payload PUT /customer/ Update the details of a Customer DELETE /customer/ Delete a Customer The generated classes are meant to be modified.There are two common reasons to customize the generated DDLs.

Sharding is discussed in more detail in other Reladomo documentation. The following snippet shows a runtime configuration where all the objects are partially cached.

Please feel free to send your resume as well as online links or attached samples of the work you're most proud of, so that we may give you every consideration.

My program needs to represent this date as a date object , but it seems that when I create a new date (using the calendar) and set it to '9999-12-31' and finally convert this date object to a date object, this date is converted to something like '000-01-31'.

While skills and experience are extremely important, we also look specifically for personal suitability and attitude.

Your role in the company is not only to fill a purpose and do what you are best at, but also to be a part of our company entity.