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Asao Shimanishi, a noted scientist and doctor from Japan, discovered after decades of research, that the rock that contained the most abundant minerals is black mica.

Here’s the story behind Adya Clarity and other black mica products as stated in an email promotion: “In the 1960s, Dr.This rejuvenative effect may well stem from the fact that the human body consists of the same foundational building blocks as black mica. Shimanishi is regarded as an authority on the treatment and cleaning of water.He’s probably best known for healing entire bodies of water using a magnetic sulfate mineral solution extracted from the most mineral-rich black mica deposit in Mt Fuji, Japan.c) Lastly, the black mica (Adya Clarity) is added to “insolubulize organic materials dissolved in sewage and sterilize bacteria”.So, this is a very important distinction to keep in mind: That Adya Clarity on its own is NOT sufficient to sterilize water from all sources – according to the inventor of the product.