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No problem.”KS: You’re in the tradition of great Hollywood molls, Ellen, even though you live in a townhouse in Greenwich Village. KS: There is such a follow-up question to all that I want to ask you. What happens if one falls in love with a person like that?

Jake Weary is only 27 — but he’s already quit show business once.

“My parents were like, ‘We should take you off the show.’ The crazy part is that right when that happened my character on the show was struggling with his sexuality.” The now-defunct CBS soap wanted to ramp up Snyder’s storyline, trotting out the character as “the youngest gay man on television,” but Weary would have had to work five days a week — allowing no time to play sports (or anything else).

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And then I worked as a waitress at the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club. When Ellen Burstyn signed on to this film, she called Sam and asked if there was any music that inspired him when he was writing it, and he sent her Nina Simone singing “Everything Must Change,” which is what plays over the end credits now of the movie. So as the producer, I went to get the rights to it, but it has always been denied by her and now her estate. But I sent them Sam’s script and told them we wanted the whole song and not just a part of it, and that no dialogue would be played over it. I used to wait on Nina Simone at the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club. Turn it off.” That’s what your character does over and over—she turns on the light that no one ever turns on. Sam had a very strong vision of how he wanted to tell the story. And then Ellen Burstyn, as your character’s mother, has that amazing soliloquy at the kitchen table. Her breakthrough role was in the 1982 comedy-drama film Diner, and the following years she had starring roles in films include Tender Mercies (1983), The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984), and The Big Easy (1987).In 1989, Barkin received positive reviews for her roles in films Johnny Handsome and Sea of Love.