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It’s something to take into consideration during the marketing strategy process: How can brands combine logic and emotions to create a positive buying outcome?It can be frustrating to take emotions into consideration for business and marketing decisions.For further tangential discussion on this topic, read about what max diff is, and how marketers can learn from it.Occasionally, logic can outweigh emotions for larger decisions: You’d love to buy a supercharged motorcycle because you’ve loved them since you were a kid, but it makes more sense to buy a sedan as a commuter car. Together, emotions and logic pair to become a decision-making powerhouse.And yet, when we seek to persuade c-level executives, we sell almost exclusively to Mr.Rational, and wonder why deals get stuck in paralysis for analysis and end in no decision.To be frank, without emotion, humans would be fairly incapable of making any decision; let alone a logical one.Emotions are essentially shortcuts built by the brain to generate feelings on subjects, which then guide decisions and actions.

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I discovered, for example, that people do not decide emotionally.

Emotions might be unpredictable, personal, and frustrating, but they’re more powerful than any logical explanation for a decision and as such, must be taken into consideration when strategizing.

The expression that “People buy on emotion and justify with logic” has always made intuitively sense to me, but rationally it seemed like BS.

The article concludes we need to sell to both, and for most that means we must get better at selling to Mr. And because intuitive decision making is experiential, we can influence Mr.

Intuitive by making our offering feel real with customer scenarios.