Rosa acosta dating 2016

In addition to music videos, Rosa also took up a couple of acting gigs appearing in 2009’s Still a Teen Movie where she portrayed Luz.

In 2012 she scored the role of Sophia Blanco in the original Hot 97 TV series, Los Blancos.

is preparing to give fans a big surprise this upcoming season.

Being the first city to introduce a gay couple on the show, this city is taking things to another level.

He has a couple of albums under his belt including It’s Weezy Baby and D Mack.

She served as the brand ambassador for Moriche Palm Diet, was the face of 9FIVE eyewear in 2012 and in 2013, the face of Smoke Liquor.Rosa upon attaining fame and fortune has made her family comfortable by buying them a house.Rosa does fit into many caps and as a result, she has earned quite a decent living for herself, scoring a net worth that is estimated at half a million dollars.From 2015, Rosa began to focus more on fitness related endeavors.As an entrepreneur, Rosa launched, in October 2015 her own clothing boutique called Cossamia located in located at 7600 Melrose Boulevard. In September 2017, she launched her “Rosa” By Rosa Acosta Perfume.