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This capital of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship is surrounded by thick forests, which account for 20% of the whole city suburban area.There are also two preserves nearby (Mszar and Redykajny), three rivers and 13 large lakes (including the Dlugie and Redykajny Lakes), which comprise 8.75% of the municipal area.

Due to its official function, the city houses all the most important institutions of the area and draws investors from all over the country.

This is where Olsztyn hides all of its most precious treasures, most notably the picturesque Old Town full of impressive sights and monuments.

Finally, with its numerous lakes and municipal forests, Olsztyn is likely to take you aback with the variety of leisure activities it offers.

Such surroundings make the city a popular holiday resort, with people flocking here to relax in its calm and pastoral ambiance.

Olsztyn is also an important transportation hub, lying some 90 km from the Russian border and 165 km away from Gdańsk.