Ice breaker questions for internet dating

All Ages Friday PM in Frost - Hopismy Hero Learn how to assemble the perfect cosplay by "Frankensteining" elements from various pre-made patterns.

All Ages Friday PM in Dartmouth - Shane T Fandom is a great way to make friends and show off your love for a favorite series.

All Ages Friday PM in Salon C - Guest Relations Jessica Cavanaugh, Wendy Powell, and Pro ZDAll Ages Friday PM in Salon A - Staff Panel Greetings! Ages 16 Friday PM in Curriers - Painted Enigma Do you want to make a friend or perhaps meet someone special?

Come on down and we will sit you at a table where you might just meet someone nice.

All Ages Friday PM in Hawthorne - Comiku Girls Everyone says ‘draw from life’, but not everyone has access to life drawing classes.

Without good writing the director doesn’t have a story to tell and without good direction, ever the best story will fail.

Join Director and Writer Tony Oliver (current project: Hunter x Hunter) as he talks about and answers your questions about professional screenwriting, adapting for anime and directing in today’s changing entertainment industry Ages 13 Friday PM in Webster - Lantis Escudo Anime Music Videos do a great job at telling stories and condensing plot points into short, bite-sized packages... Join us for an audience participation game show to see what you can learn from an AMV!

All Ages Friday PM in Frost - Charles Dunbar Fairy tales speak of humans snatched from their homes and spirited away into fantastical worlds.

The Japanese have a term for this- kamikakushi- to describe such interactions, and their consequences.