Cougar phone chat lines

Your life is too busy to sit on the phone for hours, but you can easily multi-task and fit a quick, anon chat into your hectic days.

Whenever you post anything online, it's out there for the world to see.

While bouncing back and forth between screens, you're catching up with all of your online pals since you've been offline.

You get instant notifications and fast answers automatically at lightning speeds.

It gives you the opportunity to connect online with strangers in ways that help you experience the world vicariously through others and still be the truest form of yourself.

It also gives you control over how you manage your time.

Those experiences have helped you develop your core values, form your opinions, set your comfort levels, and determine the course of your life.

What are some of the advantages of being anonymous?

An online radio station plays your favorite tunes in one window while you are furiously typing away on a Word document for an upcoming homework assignment in another window.Meanwhile, notifications pop up that the shoes you wanted just went on sale.Another box appears to let you know that a dozen more emails just came in.Anonymity means letting others see the type of person you are and the things that you do without revealing your identity.It's also important to recognize that rights to anonymity and privacy come with real and perceived responsibilities.