Heath ledger dating mary kate olsen insan clown posse dating game

If that list is real and it isn’t a figment of Li Lo’s coked-up imagination, her pussy should clap for itself, because there’s some hot pieces on that list.And speaking of the clap, the Beverly Hills free clinic would like to see every dude on this list, except for Adam Levine and Colin Farrell since those two sluts are already VIP patients. He taught me so much, and he was everything I’ve ever wanted and more. I crave his touch and care.” Shortly after Heath’s death, both White Oprah and Michael Lohan claimed that Li Lo was dating him and was supposed to fly to NYC to be with him just days after he overdosed.Relia Star wants to talk to the troll to find out what she knows about Heath’s death.

performed a song written for Heath, Michelle and their daughter.

They can bring her a fresh plate of roasted chipmunk bones and boiled frog warts, but she’s not opening her lips! MK’s masseuse was one of the first people to find Heath. Instead of calling 911, MK sent her bodyguards over to Heath’s apartment.

A source said that the feds have already interviewed everyone from Heath’s doctors and housekeepers to .

This getting out now could rock several Hollywood relationships to the core.” And Li Lo just so happened to have a Scattergories (more like Scatterwhories, no, I don’t know what that means) score sheet on her to write the list on.

On the list is PC Valmorbida, Joaquin Phoenix, Nico Tortorella, Evan Peters, Wilmer Valderrama, Jamie Burke, Jamie Dornan, Zac Efron (coke really does make you do some fucked up shit), Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Heath Ledger, Ryan Rottman, Max George, Guy Berryman, James Franco and Adam Levine.