Drew fuller dating anyone

She just laughed and let the people say what they wanted. They were orange short bottoms that were tight and made her butt cheeks hang out, the top was a half top that came about three inches above her belly button, was very tight and her nipples protruded from the material.

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Of course everyone had their flaws including this sweet lovely girl and Natalie knew her two. Not shy in the least but often preferred the company of just herself or a small group of friends.

She was doing her best to overcome that flaw and her girlfriend was helping. The thing was, she was a slut and knew it and while she tried to be discreet people talked.

Natalie was a very sexual person and liked to experiment with her sexuality and if she wanted to try something new she felt no shame in fulfilling her desires.

Once dressed she giggled at her clever idea and walked to her closet.

She pulled out a nylon bag, also from the college book store, opened it and sorted through the various sexual items and toys and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.