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This card has medical and dental “benefits” that can even “provide” me with an allowance of Php 1,000 per day if I get hospitalized.Deep inside, I knew it was a scam but I played safe until I heard him that they’ll charge my card with an amount reaching around 3,900 something pesos without my authorization.The agent (Marcus) whom I talked to was able to clear out certain things and gave me some assurance on any transaction/s that may be charged against my card without my authorization: The agent also took note of the company whom the guy who called me in the office which is Paragon Corporation.I have searched the internet and there’s no Paragon Corporation that has an anniversary or some sort of benefits mentioned to me.You will need the settings to configure your email client. Note that you will need to change " Webmail allows you to check your email from within your browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, or Safari.While each client is different in its layout and verbiage, there is still a basic set of information that the email client will need. The following settings are the non Secure settings. To learn how to log into your webmail, please see our tutorial on how to log into webmail.Just imagine what information has been taken that could risk your security: finances, home address, office address, etc.Upon reaching home, I immediately called Citibank and reported the incident.

You can simply log into webmail and begin using it.

Also, you can use a third party like Google Apps or your i Phone, Droid, or other mobile device.

Common email clients that most users are familiar with include Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail.

I was trying to ride on with his spiel and listen while talking on the stuff that I would get.

He mentioned of a certain “premium card” that I can use for my transactions to get an instant 50% off my transactions.