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Mullicious Intent is one of our star jammers, who is also an original league member!

She’s been out after knee surgery, but we eagerly anticipate her return to skating!

We are constantly recruiting and looking for new players.

Lansing is a great place to live and work – we’re also trying to make it a great place to play roller derby! Michigan is a great location for all-seasons sports.

We’ve exchanged wins and losses between A, B and C-level teams, and each game is a learning experience.

The entire Michigan derby community has contributed to the success of our league, by being amazing partners in the development of our sport, and by being great competitors. Lansing is an amazingly diverse and tight-knit community.

However, our community is (temporarily) home to many people who leave after college, or don’t stick around after they’re done working for the government or auto industry.

Their dedication and the dedication of their kids (who volunteer at every bout) is so appreciated. What are some of your league’s biggest accomplishments?

We’ve done so much in our relatively short existence.