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You have to live, dream and walk with this deep need and desire.

Arianna is a very unique Slave , during her training there was no rejection , there was no resistance, I could see in her eyes she had a hunger.

This is not to say I am a push over because I am not , I speak my mind no matter where I am or who I am with.

I am a Buddhist , I have learned to channel my anger but as with any man or human there is a limit.

Both dominance and submission is a gift both have much to offer and prove.

I am of course speaking of the beginning steps in a new relationship.

I am offering you stability , I am offering you protection.

I thought for sure I would of had some type of withdraws but that was not the case, however I did lose most of my friends or I assumed they were friends…At one time I had a very bad temper , I drank a lot , you could hand me a bunch of pills and I would not even ask what they were I would just take them.I tried to smoke all the pot in the world but I failed. I was on a down hill spiral with not a care about tomorrow or the future.The word Slave , the word ownership , the word property.We all know owning a slave is not in any way legal but it is a mindset.