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Only serves to remind me (as if I needed a reminder) how much I miss seeing him on TV in a weekly series. (NT) -- Marjorie, Thursday, February 09, pm I agree that his appearance in this show (which I never watch) is a pleasure to watch. I stumbled onto this site from the Harmy Board, as I've been rewatching some JAG and having a lot of fun writing some fanfic.

I was curious to see what David James Elliott has been up to since the days of Harmon Rabb, Jr.

There are usually 5 500 votes on the 15th of the month. Just a handsome, gorgeous man 😛 Thank you Cindy, always look forward to your monthly calendar. (NT) -- Dianna A., Thursday, June 08, pm Hunk of the month, June results: David received 10 602 votes and Jamie Dornan received 10 649, difference of 47 votes. -- Monique L, Thursday, June 01, pm Thanks for the link, Helene.

I wish you a day in advance Happy fourth of July and enjoy the day! -- Monique L, Thursday, June 15, pm Let June officially begin! Even though the clip is short, it's always a pleasure to get a new glimpse of DJE.

The new URL is on the page and you can note the new address. Come down to Melbourne Aust where the temperature will be in the high 90's .

Would like to be in the icy conditions of parts of the USA -- Gwen Corbett, Friday, December 23, am Merry Christmas to you too Gwen.

We had a very cold day in Quebec, Canada on Monday and now it is between -1 and 2C.

We are in Winter now and I think you are in Summer. (NT) -- Nicole B, Friday, December 23, am Thank you everybody for your wishes It been very hot and windy 38c today would love some cold and snow. -- Monique L, Thursday, December 22, pm I have been voting every day.