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The inherent challenge for corrupt leaders is covertly expatriating and holding money in secure locations where it can be accessed in the future. Among the most challenging money laundering investigations are those targeting “gatekeepers,” which may include bankers, brokerage houses, trust companies, attorneys, accountants, money managers, notaries, or real estate agents.

Generally, that requires international movement of funds. ICU investigates these international business people who provide professional services to illicit actors wishing to disguise the source or nature of their money.

ICU manages five programs: the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Kleptocracy Initiative, Antitrust, International Fraud against the Government, and International Corruption of Federal Public Officials.

ICU has management responsibility and program oversight for FBI investigations of the FCPA.

Through this initiative, the Bureau works to develop and strengthen collaborative relationships with state/local corrections departments and the U. Department of Justice Office of Inspector General to help identify prison facilities plagued with systemic corruption and employ appropriate criminal investigative techniques to combat the threat.

Or a corrupt official who expedites immigration paperwork or helps obtain an identification document in return for a bribe or gratuity might actually be facilitating an operation of a terrorist cell, foreign counterintelligence network, or criminal enterprise.

Oftentimes the Bureau brings its expertise to bear on joint investigations with its partners in federal, state, and local law enforcement.

Our system of representative government works only when honest ballots are not diluted by fraudulent ballots.

The FBI, through its Public Corruption Unit, has an important but limited role in ensuring fair and free elections.