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The medicine of the ancient Egyptians is some of the oldest documented.From the beginnings of the civilization in the late fourth millennium BC until the Persian invasion of 525 BC, Egyptian medical practice went largely unchanged but was highly advanced for its time, including simple non-invasive surgery, setting of bones, dentistry, and an extensive set of pharmacopoeia.

They used knives, hooks, drills, forceps, pincers, scales, spoons, saws and a vase with burning incense.Like many civilizations in the past, the ancient Egyptians amply discovered the medicinal properties of the plant life around them.In the Edwin Smith Papyrus there are many recipes to help heal different ailments.They also must have had a general idea of the location in the body cavity of the inner organs, which they removed through a small incision in the left groin.But whether this knowledge was passed on to the practitioners of medicine is unknown and does not seem to have had any impact on their medical theories.