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For example, he once complimented a fan of his and added “just to be clear, I’m not hitting on you” at the bottom: Then it was found that he mentioned that because he was a survivor of rape, he tried to be extra careful because he knew rape survivors were more likely to become rapists themselves. Anger is a natural reaction to oppression; anger is useful; anger is the only appropriate reaction to this sort of erasure of racial identity.The members of the feminist group in which I expressed this anger were, for the most part, combative or unreceptive (I did receive small pockets of support, and for those individuals I am most appreciative).Newsweek also wrote an article, but everyone on both sides seems to agree they got it horribly wrong. Oh no I can’t let you get away with that I am SO not letting you get away with that.And what I think these kinds of incidents show is that… More context: my article condemning Clymer got discussed on Facebook.Multiple leaders of the group tried to tone police me, told me that movements becoming inclusive “takes time” and I should just be patient.I was begged by one of the most prominent leaders to educate everyone by writing a “powerful article” rather than express my feelings to the group itself.Clymer twice – then I don’t think I was, as he puts it, SO WRONG. Clymer’s statistics; there were over two hundred comments on that post and over five hundred on the followup and not one of them claimed he had gotten his math right.All that was left to argue about was my assertion that what he had done, if deliberate, was not remotely okay.

There is an executive summary here (warning: two pages, click blue button at bottom to get second), a much less executive and more mocking summary here, and a horrible Twitter hashtag here which now mostly seems to be populated by people who are vaguely embarrassed and can’t remember what they were so angry about and definitely didn’t participate and it’s not their fault. There’s one more set of #Stop Clymer tweets we haven’t gotten to yet!Maybe you can admire someone and be wary of them at the same time.Still, I think all of this touches on a much more important question: why don’t whales get cancer more often? Cancer results from a series of mutations occurring by chance in a single cell.I was told by this same leader that they would not use the term “white supremacy” because “it was triggering” to some folks.But failure to call evil by its name only begets more evil. Annnnnnnyway, before the court could render verdict, the whole affair triggered a massive relapse of Clymer’s PTSD and he posted saying his therapist had told him not to go back on the Internet for a very long time.