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Can she escape Thorn's lair or will she fade away and become nothing more than another one of his victims?

WARNING: Graphic sexual scenes depicting rape, torture, dismemberment and violence. Fill based on this prompt in the Supernatural Kink Community: Jensen is entranced by Jared, the new receptionist at his firm, taller than Jensen but a slenderer build and almost effeminate in appearance. And they’ve fooled around a bit above the waist and overclothes, Jensen talking dirty about how he’s going to have Jared screaming his name when he finally gets to suck Jared’s cock, going into great detail about what he’s going to do Jared’s cock and balls, including riding what has got to be a huge cock.

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This stranger has a way of changing Leo's life forever. The Game didn't know what to do with you, so it spit you out with a messed-up body and the wrong anatomy entirely.But when Hermione attacks him, Lucius and Narcissa take hold of her.However, Hermione kills Narcissa and unleashes the wrath of lucius Malfoy upon herself.In their haste, Bishop and the Dragonborn find themselves captured.The Dragonborn is subjected to brutal treatment at Thorn's hands. She begins to lose her grip on her sanity and struggles to remain in control of herself.