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Getting our love lives back on track is no easy feat. As humans, we crave to be connected even if the quality of people is poor.

But it is a risk we need to take to find love again.

Some feel trepidation and others are ready to soar back into the untold dating world with gusto.

Putting yourself back on the market is scary because of the unknown variables.

Researchers have found that the rate of divorce in the U. reached 40 percent during the 1980s and has been declining.

She has shared her top tips on how to face the dating scene after your marriage ends.'It's one of those things where you've got to take a bit of a leap of faith and jump,' she said.

'Date multiple people and look at all the options out there.

It's important not to feel like yo have to jump into a serious relationship,' Dr Goldstein explained.'This is a rediscovering phase to realise what it is that you really want, maybe that might be different from what you had in the past marriage.'The only way you're going to work that out is by what i like to call experimental dating,' she added.'This is the perfect time to look at what does and doesn't work for you.'If you feel like you're facing emotional road blocks when trying to put yourself out there, Dr Goldstein said you should get some help.'I'm a big fan of therapy and that might mean therapy or some kind of self help program, meditating or some kind of group,' she said.'It's really important that you focus on yourself and the wounds you have from the past relationship or explore what went wrong and why you're still pining and hurting.'After divorce people are often left vulnerable and confused so it's important to have a form of security network.'If you go on a date and something's triggered for you then there's a positive and safe person you can go back to and talk through your confusion,' Dr Goldstein added.

It’s just that, regardless of what anyone says, dating inevitably leads to a relationship and I find myself paralyzed when it comes to the idea of being in another relationship.

The whole notion of negotiating the living of life with another human being sounds exhausting, especially when limping out the failed negotiation of my marriage.