Dating site spiritualists

This article is non-gender based and applies for Shivas and Shaktis alike. Your heart, soul, spirit, intuition know what is best.

Spiritual seekers date like every other average person. Do Date a person your energy, aura and spirit completely melt into, comfortable to spend time getting to know for the time you are with them—even if it’s only through dinner.

Do Date someone you are aligned with in all areas, regardless of age. Countless times friends around the world have told me to pack it in: maybe you should move back to the US to date, to find a partner. Leave my beautiful, free, heart-motivated, love-filled, on-the-path, spiritual awakening journey to find a partner in America?

A crime when wooing us unsuspecting, loving, hopefully, open-hearted souls.

Recently someone with inauthentic motivations attempted to use such hip new age speak on me thinking I did not have the ability to read his energy.

Don’t Pursue anyone whose motivations are ego-driven.

Do Explore with a person who, while aware of their ego, is connecting with you from their essence.