Bible whites dating blacks

Most versions of this say that "Jesus had curly hair and a reddish complexion".

Christ's prediction that he would be taunted "Physician, heal yourself" may suggest that Christ was indeed physically deformed ('crooked' or hunch-backed) as claimed in the early Christian texts listed above.Most scholars consequently believe that Jesus was similar in appearance to the modern inhabitants of the Middle East, due to the Bible (and other historical accounts) equivocally referring to him as a Galilean Israelite.Various theories about the race of Jesus have been proposed and debated.The 2nd century anti-Christian philosopher Celsus wrote that Jesus was "ugly and small" both Hierosolymitanus and John of Damascus claim that "the Jew Josephus" described Christ as having had connate eyebrows with goodly eyes and being long-faced, crooked and well-grown.In a letter of certain bishops to the Emperor Theophilus, Christ's height is described as three cubits (four feet six), which was also the opinion of Ephrem Syrus (320–379 AD), "God took human form and appeared in the form of three human ells (cubits); he came down to us small of stature." Theodore of Mopsuhestia likewise claimed that the appearance of Christ was smaller than that of the children of Jacob (Israel).