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They did not want Muslim terrorists to attack them.

In the state where Muslim terrorists attacked and killed people, New York, the people and their government actually resisted trying some of the terrorists brought to New York in New York City courts.

American newspapers quickly learned that if they said something negative about Muslims that their offices and personnel could be targeted by Muslims.

Reporters who write the truth about Muslims are often killed.

In the Netherland, Europe some newspaper cartoonist made fun of Mohammed and his throat was cut by crazed Muslims; additionally, Muslims worldwide went on rampage demonstrating and destroying Western properties.

They did not want to have these murderers tried in courts in their city because they feared that Muslim terrorists all over the world would target New York City for attacks some more.

In Congress many of the Republican congressmen known to talk tough on fighting terrorism suddenly opposed President Barack Obama’s decision to resettle Guantanamo prisoners in mainland USA; apparently, they, too, did not want Muslim terrorists to bomb mainland America.