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If you have never used a TOC before, I highly recommend that you read Shaunas article before reading this one.This article builds on the basics to deal with intermediate issues of content and formatting.(Although the outline level of the style itself can be changed, I dont recommend this.) The outline level for any other style or paragraph can be changed, so that theoretically it is possible to have paragraphs in the same style (Normal, for example) with different outline levels.I dont recommend this, as it seems to me unnecessarily confusing, but in theory it is possible to have an entire document in Normal style with certain paragraphs marked as Level 1, 2, or 3 rather than the default Body Text.để chào mừng ngày 07/09/2011, toàn thể hội ếch hãy tập trung ngó nghiêng về các bài nhảy để lựa chọn ra bài tâm đắc nhất dưới sự quyết định cuối cùng thuộc về Nàng Mazone =)) ứng cử cho lần này là We are the future, Line up, Iyah, Hwanhee. T video để tránh tình trạng làm loãng nội dung nhé!Sau đây là danh sách update các bài nhảy đã được bạn nhái kiểm duyệt ( về độ rõ, đúng, dễ nhìn, dễ ăn theo). By default, if you promote a Body Textlevel paragraph to, say, Level 1, Word will accomplish this by applying the Heading 1 style.But you can also change the level without changing the style. Figure 2 shows the Table of Contents dialog with the default settings in a Blank Document based on the Normal template (in Word 2003 and earlier; in Word 2007 and above). The Table of Contents tab of the Index and Tables dialog Only rarely will you want to insert Words default TOC, without making any changes.

Recent versions of Word have made inserting a table of contents (TOC) increasingly (perhaps even deceptively) easy.

Note: This article was originally written for Word 2003 and earlier.

Some instructions for Word 2007 and above are included in the topics below.

If you have used custom heading styles, you can of course type numbers beside these styles in the Table of Contents Options dialog, but if you selected the appropriate outline level in the Paragraph dialog when you created the style, these numbers will already be inserted automatically.

Having the Styles box checked ensures that every style with a number beside it will appear at that level in the TOC.